Change Is Inevitable, But Your Growth Is Optional

Artwork by Francesca Mendoza

As you take stock in where you are right now, you may be pleased, just ok, or pissed. It may not surprise you that there is no one, read no one, that wants to remain at the present level of achievement. We all want to grow. Everyone wants to get better. Not a genuine surprise, right? It doesn’t matter whether it’s in better shape, making more money, or finding a better job. Everyone wants to be better off. Here’s the message, there are three things that, if you do, the chances of your success will skyrocket. Likewise, if you don’t make any changes, you can kiss your chances of having a different outcome goodbye. Remember the little Einstein tidbit? To paraphrase, to do the same thing over and over again and to expect a different result is the definition of…insanity. You want to get better or just go insane? Not a tough choice.

Change Your Habits

You make about 16,000 decisions each day. You think about making a fraction of those. When you get up, you get dressed. Good choice. You may think about what you wear, but the decision to get covered is not conscious, but a habit. And for most of us, a damn good practice. Your brain wants to be on auto-pilot so that it can save its power for real decisions that matter. Follow your brain’s lead. Don’t try consciously to make decisions to improve your situation, let your habits unconsciously change your life for you. Don’t think it will work? Consider this, if you get into an uncontrollable habit of eating donuts each morning with your coffee, watch your weight change. You begin to make no conscious decisions, but your habits change your weight in a formidable way. So, why not use your habits to work for you? Want to work out each morning? What’s your morning habit that won’t change? If it’s coffee, after each cup, exercise a little. Then go onto your next morning habit. Maybe it’s Facebook or your internet feeds, but insert the exercise habit into that.

Replace Worry With Effort

That’s a straightforward statement to make and a challenging mindset to live. While you know worry is worthless; it’s a paralyzing trap. The more you let it seep into your life, the more that your growth will be stunted. Esther Hicks had it so right when she said that worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want. What is it you want? To give the reality of what you’re worried about life? Feeding the creation of what you’re concerned about by paralyzing your work is not in any way a sound plan. So, next time worry creeps in, begin to execute your escape plan with work. If you don’t have a plan, make one at the first sign of fear. Then use your plan to create a way to escape living a life that isn’t the life you want. This habit is using a negative trigger to build a positive response. What you’ll find after a short time is that this action is so reinforcing that it will gain a life of its own. But, there’s an if. You must trust that your plan will work and that working the program will get you out of the possibility of living a potentially dreadful future. No doubt, just imagine…and work.

Get A Coach

There are over 5.3 billion athletes in the world. And each one has a coach. Athletes know that their performance growth is the most controllable aspect of their athletic careers. So, they get a coach. Aren’t your life’s goals just as important as athletic performance? Serena Williams, Bill Clinton, and Bill Gates all agree about the value of having a life coach. It’s an added expense, but it’s also a way to make sure that as you change, you grow. Going through this challenge called life leaning on your resolve is just too big a gamble. Each time you cut the odds of failure down, you have made an enormous gain for your future. While some may scoff at your getting a coach, the results will speak for themselves. Do some research, interview some coaches, and get one. Now.

Putting It All Together

You will change. You are changing. The question is, are you getting better, staying the same, or getting worse? What do you want? To get better. So, if you’re not going to waste one more day:

  1. Change your habits beginning tomorrow. List one new habit for tomorrow. Plan its placement following a habit you already have and track it for a week. Next week, add another. Track it. Keep the momentum going by adding a habit a week.
  2. Replace worry with effort. Each time you begin to stress, do something positive that moves you closer to your goal. It doesn’t have to be a big step, just one that makes a difference of any size in the gap between where you are now and the completion of your plan.
  3. Get a coach. Find a growth-oriented coach that will keep you moving forward in your life. What you want is apparent; what distractions and diversions life brings should be minimalized with a strong effort with a coach focused on your goals.

These steps are simple. They are also at the center of your growth. Decide that it’s time to begin your new path and go after it with steadfast resolve. And don’t wait. Do it now…

I began Over the Wall Coaching, not asking if I’d be successful, but rather how many people could I help achieve their dreams.

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