“Life is about choices. Some we regret, some we’re proud of. Some will haunt us forever. ” Graham Brown

What a paradox life can be. You heal the most when you feel the worst. I have lost parents, a child, my job, my home, my savings, and what I thought my future path was. With some of the losses, I chose to grieve. With others, I just moved on…

Fear of What Exactly?

I had so much trouble taking the leap to get my coaching and consulting business started. I wanted everything to be just right. I wanted no public mistakes that would embarrass me. So, I studied and studied what to do. In truth, I just used every…

Few things in life can cause paralysis quicker than a feeling of fear. I have found myself stuck in place simply because of fear. That’s not a straightforward statement to write or to admit. The mere acknowledgment that fear, at times can be controlling, may be seen as a sign…

Paul Harrell

I began Over the Wall Coaching, not asking if I’d be successful, but rather how many people could I help achieve their dreams.

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